Cara Menampilkan IP Address Melalui Matlab

Untuk Menampilkan IP Address dan MAC Address di Matlab, ada beberapa cara. Salah satunya dengan menggunakan tool VC6 ++ yang sudah tersedia pada MATLAB 6.5 (R13) keatas. Fungsinya seperti jika kita mengetik ipconfig di command prompt. Sebenarnya sih belum sempat ngetes 😀 masih mau tes nanti malam. Scriptnya bisa dicek dibawah :

/* fetch physical address (MAC) and ip address */
#include "mex.h"

/* Include necessary libraries in source file instead of linking commands */
#pragma comment(lib, "Netapi32.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "wsock32.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "advapi32.lib")

/* physical address MAC */
static void GetMACaddress(void)
/* storage for MAC */
unsigned char MACAdd[6];

WKSTA_TRANSPORT_INFO_0 *NetPtr; // Allocate data structure for Netbios
DWORD dwEnumRead;
DWORD dwTotalEnum;
BYTE *Buffer;
LPWSTR server = NULL; // may add server name

NET_API_STATUS dwStatus = NetWkstaTransportEnum(

NetPtr = (WKSTA_TRANSPORT_INFO_0 *)Buffer;

for(i=1; i< dwEnumRead; i++) { /* Other data may be extracted from NetPtr structure, such as QoS and # of connections */ swscanf((wchar_t *)NetPtr[i].wkti0_transport_address, L"%2hx%2hx%2hx%2hx%2hx%2hx", &MACAdd[0], &MACAdd[1], &MACAdd[2], &MACAdd[3], &MACAdd[4], &MACAdd[5]); printf("MAC Address: %02X-%02X-%02X-%02X-%02X-%02X", MACAdd[0], MACAdd[1], MACAdd[2], MACAdd[3], MACAdd[4], MACAdd[5]); /* No. of clients using this protocol */ // printf("# of connections %u", NetPtr[i].wkti0_number_of_vcs); } printf("\n"); /* Release memory */ dwStatus = NetApiBufferFree(Buffer); } void GetIp() { char HostName[255]; char *ip; int i; PHOSTENT HostInfo; WORD wVersionRequested = MAKEWORD(1,1); WSADATA wsaData; /* socket error handling added */ if ( WSAStartup( wVersionRequested, &wsaData ) == 0 ) if( gethostname ( HostName, sizeof(HostName)) == 0) { if((HostInfo = gethostbyname(HostName)) != NULL) { i = 0; while(HostInfo->h_addr_list[i])
ip = inet_ntoa (*(struct in_addr *)HostInfo->h_addr_list[i]);
printf("IP Address: %s\n", ip);
printf("Host name: %s\n", HostName);

/* Network ID fetching */
void GetID()
char Buffer[128];
DWORD len = sizeof(Buffer) - 1;

if ( GetUserName(Buffer, &len) == 0 ) {
fprintf(stderr, "Error from calling function GetUserName %d\n", GetLastError());
printf("User Name: %s\n", Buffer);
if ( GetComputerName(Buffer, &len) == 0) {
fprintf(stderr, "Error from calling function GetComputerName %d\n", GetLastError());
printf("Computer Name: %s\n", Buffer);

/* the gateway function */
void mexFunction( int nlhs, mxArray *plhs[],
int nrhs, const mxArray *prhs[])


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